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September 11, 2016

15.00 · Registration

17.00 · Opening Cerimony

Lectiones Magistrales

Chairs: Quaglino D. and Rastrelli L.

18.00 · Maria Leonor Peña Chocarro (Madrid · E), Plants and people: a long history of human-environment interaction through archaeobotanical research

18.45 · Sylvia Duncan (Aberdeen · UK), The impact of diet, pre- and probiotic strategies on gut microbiota composition and health

19.30 · Welcome reception


September 12, 2016

Session 1 · Archeobotany and Ethnobotany

Chairs: Vit P. and Mercuri AM.

9.00 · Invited Lecture: Giulia Caneva (Rome · I), Plant patterns for ethnobotanical food and nutraceutical uses: the case study from traditional villages of bali (Indonesia)

9.30 · Re T. (Italy), Material and immaterial constitutive elements of healing sites - The Mayantuyacu case study in the Peruvian Amazon

9.45 · Mariotti MG. (Italy), The role of familiar gardens in preserving the ethobotanical knowledge of a Peruvian native community

10.00 · Costa RC. (Brazil), Biodiversity Use: Productive Chain and Ethnoknowledge (Itacoatiara, Amazonas-Brasil)

10.15 · Vit P. (Venezuela), Biodiversity of Meliponini bees in Equador: an intangible eritage to protect genuine honey

10.30 · Mercuri AM. (Italy), Pollen as indicator of human behaviour

10.45 · Crescenti C. (Italy), A preliminary study of methodologies for an Investigation about Ichthyology and gastronomy in classical sources

11.00 · Coffee and Poster Session 1

Chairs: Costa RC. and Castelletti L.

11.45 · Castelletti L. (Italy), The paleonutrition from 500 BC to 500 AD: case studies between that Adda and Ticino river (Northern Italy)

12.00 · Riso FM. (Italy), Not only for beauty: three ritual plants in classical times

12.15 · Martinelli E. (Italy), Persicaria lapathifolia (Polygonum lapathifolium; pale smartweed) seeds as food during the Iron Age South of the Alps? New data from the site of Padova-S.Eufemia (NE-Italy)

12.30 · Moreno MI. (Colombia), Wayuu traditional medicine and the use of medicinal plants in the control and prevention of hyperglycemia

12.45 · Levuok Mena KP. (Colombia), Ethnopharmacological study of some plants traditionally used as antidiabetic in the Colombian Pacific region

13.00 · Lunch

Session 2 · Phytochemistry

Chairs: Haba H. and Benvenuti S.

14.30 · Invited Lecture: Giovanni Appendino (Turin · I), Helichrysum italicum: waking up the sleeping giant of mediterranean herbal medicine

15.00 · Borges WS. (Brazil), Alkaloids from Hippeastrum canastrense J. Dutilh & R. S. Oliveira (Amaryllidaceae)

15.15 · Costa R. (Italy), Phytochemical investigation of ethanolic extracts from Kigelia africana (LAM) Benth. Fruits

15.30 · Malagon Aviles 0. (Ecuador), Novel secondary metabolites extracted from the Ecuadorian plant Macrocarpaea lenae J.R. Grant

15.45 · Coffee and Poster Session 1

Chairs: Borges W. and Archbold R.

16.30 · Haba H. (Algeria), Chemical composition and biological activities of Helianthemum sessiliflorum

16.45 · Nunez CV. (Brazil), Proanthocyanidin A2 from Diplotropis purpurea leaves

17.00 · Benkhaled M. (Algeria), Cycloartane glycosides from Astragalus gombo

17.30 · Derita MG. (Argentina), Natural and semisynthetic compounds from Argentinian Poligonum acuminatum against human pathogenic yeasts

17.45 · Castilho CVV. (Brazil), Comparative phytochemical profiles of Lippia origanoides grown wild and in vitro

18.00 · Akkal S. (Algeria), Identification of phenolic compounds from Carduncellus helenioides by HPLC-ESI-MS (TOF)

18.15 · Goleniowski ME (Argentine), Profile characterization of volatile compounds on wild and “in vitro” plants of Clinopodium odorum (Lamiaceae) using HS-SPME/GC-MS analysis

20.00 · A glass of wine in the shadow of the "Ghirlandina"


September 13, 2016

Session 3 · Food Chemistry and Nutrition

Chairs: Melo Ruiz V. and Plessi M.

9.00 · Invited Lecture: Giacomo Dugo (Messina · I), The role of the food chemist in the enhancement of the food farming chain

9.30 · Colín Cruz MA. (Mexico), Capsicum annum seed as source of food: physicochemical and microbiological characterization

9.45 · Amaretti A. (Italy), The peptide profile of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese: evolution through the gastrointestinal transit and utilization by bifidobacteria and lactobacilli

10.00 · Ramiréz Aristizabal LS. (Colombia), Evaluation of the antoxidant capacity and content of polyphenols obtained from tea (Camellia Sinensis) of four brands sold in Colombia by extraction at room temperature

10.15 · Gonçalves Rodrigues R. (Brazil), Preliminary study of chemical characterization of Jatobá: oil, fruit and flour

10.30 · Coffee and Poster Session 1

Chairs: Nunez Selles AJ. and Pulvirenti A.

12.00 · Rossi M. (Italy), Polyphenols, microbiota and bifidobacteria: recent insights

12.15 · Corradini C. (Italy), Characterization of fos and inulins by HPAEC-PED analyses

12.30 · Melo-Ruiz V. (Mexico), Macronutrient composition of giant water bug (Lethoserus Sp) edible insect

12.45 · Albergamo A. (Italy), Profiling of major and trace elements of the Mediterranean sepia ink iductively coupled-mass spectrometry

13.00 · Lunch

Session 4 · Green Chemistry and Sustainable Food Chain

Chairs: Franco L. and Rossi M. 

14.30 · Invited Lecture: Sergio Riva (Milan · I), Biocatalysis: the green side of chemistry

15.00 · Silva NCB. (Brazil), Effects of jasmonic acid and indole -3 acetic acid in the volatile profile of Anemia Tomentosa in vitro plants, and aromatic fern

15.15 · Tropea A. (Italy), Transformation of food agriculture wast into value added products: bioetnaol and SCP

15.30 · Gil JH. (Colombia), Bioconversion of alkaline hydrolysates obtained from agroindustrial waste to produce flavoring agents

15.45 · Garcia Martinez MR. (Mexico), To the rescue of cofee fruit (Coffea Arábica) as a functional food

16.00 · Coffee and Poster Session 2

17.00 · A tour through the flavours of Modena


September 14, 2016

Session 5 · Analytical and Medicinal Chemistry

Chairs: Gonzales-Lavaut JA. and Quaglino D.

9.00 · Invited Lecture: Jean Luc Wolfender (Geneva CH), Efficient analytical strategies for an early identification of bioactive natural products at the herbarium sample scale

9.30 · Pellati F. (Italy), Metabolite fingerprinting of Punica granatum l. (pomegranate) polyphenols by means of HPLC-UV/DAD,ESi-MS and MS2

9.45 · Robayo MAT. (Colombia), Typification of avocado fruit (Persea americana Mill.) cultivated in Colombia by Multivariate statistical analysis with a view towards industrialization

10.00 · Fonseca-Bazzo YM. (Brazil), Validation of analytical method by HPLC-DAD for identification and quantification of caffeoylquinic acid derivatives in Cynara scolymus L. tablets and capsules

10.15 · Tardugno R. (Italy), Essential oils: phytochemical composition, cytotoxycity and antimicrobial activity

10.45 · Coffee and Poster Session 2

Chairs: Zepeda R. and Corradini C.

11.45 · Osorio C. (Colombia), Chemical studies on Psidium friedrichsthalianum Nied. Fruit f and their precursors

12.00 · Cicero N. (Italy), Determination of squalene in e.v.o.o by different analytical techniques

12.15 · Linciano P. (Italy), Flavonoids as a scaffold for the development of antitrypanosomatidic agents

12.30 · Escobar G. (Colombia), Synthesis and evaluation Leishmanicidal of analogues ent-Beyer-15-en-18-ol and isoesteviol

12.45 · Gonzalez Lavaut JA. (Cuba), Gangliosides N-Acetyl and N-Glicolyl GM3. Strategy to support the platform VSSP in vaccines against the cancer.

13.00 · Lunch

14.30 · SILAE Assembly

16.00 · At the discovery of Modena's treasures

20.00 · Social Dinner at Palazzo dei Musei


September 15, 2016

Session 6 · Pharmacognosy

Chairs: Sepulveda Arias JC. and Pellati F.

9.30 · Invited Lecture: Nadja Cech (Greensboro USA), Untargeted metabolomics to identify bioactive compounds and synergists from botanical medicines

10.00 · Espinoza JS. (Chile), Effect of secondary metabolites of Canelo bark fractions (Drimis winteri Forst) on the viability of Helicobacter pylori

10.15 · Machado AC. (Brazil), Aroeira’s (Myracrodruon urundeuva) extract bactericidal activity and FNC1, FNC2, FNE1, FNE2 nanoparticules in Streptococcus aureus and Esterichia coli strains.

10.30 · Quartieri A. (Italy), Esters of fatty acids as alternatives or adjuvants of antibiotics in animal feed

10.45 · Hernández Ortega M. (Mexico), Effect of a mixture of allergens as oral immunotherapy on a murine model of allergen induced asthma

11.00 · Capataz-Tafur J. (Mexico), Hypoglycemic activity in vitro plants of Azadirachta indica

11.15 · Lopez O. (Spain), Biological asessment of Pistacia lentiscus extract: phytopharmacological properties

11.30 · Echeverri F. (Colombia), Do you really think antioxidants are effective and safe?

11.45 · Short Break

Chairs: Echeverry F. and Vita Finzi P.

12.00 · Munoz DR. (Colombia), Cytotoxic alkenylphenols from Piper eriopodon (Piperacae)

12.15 · Scher R. (Brazil), Chemical characterization and cytotoxic effect of leaf essential oil of Lippia gracilis and Lippia sidoides

12.30 · Frion-Herrera Y. (Cuba), Comparative assessment of the apoptotic potential of Cuban and Brazilian propolis in human laryngeal epidermoid carcinoma cells.

12.45 · Martinez-Vazquez M. (Mexico), Masticadienonic and 3α-hydroxy masticadiedonic acids inhibit proliferation prostate cancer in vivo and in vitro by inducing apoptosis.

13.00 · Pezzani R. (Italy), The usefulness of oregano’s phytocomplex crude extract: novel anti-proliferative effects in adrenocortical tumor cells

13.15 · Montejano-Rodriguez JR. (Mexico), Antitumor effect of aqueous extract of Jatropha dioica Sessé ex Cerv lymphoma L5178Y in CD1/C mice

13.30 · Lunch

Session 7 · Natural Products: from basic research to clinical applications

Chairs: Quesada S. and Pellegrini M.

14.45 · Invited Lecture: Celestino Santos-Buelga (Salamanca · E), Evaluation of the biological activity of phytochemicals using in vivo model organisms

15.15 · Jha V. (India), Herbal drug Interactions and remedies: a challenging problem in therapy

15.30 · Milella L. (Italy), Echinacea angustifolia DC. Extract quali-quantitative analysis and fibroblast cell growth evaluation

15.45 · Casamayor Laime Z. (Cuba), Effect of Spirulina platensis in patients with metabolic syndrome

16.00 · Waksman N. (Mexico), Turnera diffusa (Damiana) as source of hepatoprotective and hypoglycemic compounds

16.15 · Russo R. (Italy), ROSSOPURO™: a red yeast rice extract for the management of hypercholesterolemia

16.30 · Rosado JR. (Colombia), Effects of Paralejo (Curatella americala l.) in the expulsion of kidney stones, using traditional methods

16.45 · Short Break

Chairs: Malagon Aviles OG. and Romussi G.

17.00 · Round Table: Nunez Selles AJ. (Rep. Dominicana), Antoxidant therapies through signaltransduction and gene regulatory pathways

17.20 · Sepulveda-Arias JC. (Colombia), Nrf2-mediated antioxidant activity of T.rosea (Bertol) DC and T chrysantha (Jacq) G. Nicholson extracts

17.30 · Quesada S. (Costa Rica), Antioxidant activity and apoptosis induction assessed by flow cytometry of a Bactris guinensis polyphenol extract

17.40 · Plazas EA. (Colombia), In Vitro antiooxidant and anticholinesterase activities of Colombian plants as potential neuroprotective agents

17.50 · Bello-Martinez J. (Mexico), Antioxidant and antiproliferative activity of Haematoxylom brasiletto Karst

18.00 · Kadri F. (Algeria), Antioxidant, hypoglycemic and antimicrobial activity of two Algerian tannin sorghums crud extracts correlated with polyphenols and tannin contents

18.15 · Closure of the Meeting

18.30 · Farewell party looking forward to the next meeting


September 16, 2016

1 day · post congress tour

Guided Tour in the Land of Motors

Guided tour to Bologna

Guided Tour to Verona

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